Cory Chorus

Kwey all and welcome to CKWE 103.9 FM!


My name is Cory Whiteduck but I’m known as CORY CHORUS on the radio. I’ve been working at CKWE 103.9 since August 12 2013. As a lover of all kinds of music, it seemed like a natural fit for me. I have been a lover of music since I was a very young boy. I remember stealing my dad’s tapes like Hank Williams Sr, Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, etc and going to play them in my bedroom. As I got a little older I would steal my mom’s tapes like Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Rolling Stones, etc so my musical adventures were very diverse and I got introduced to all kinds of good music from a young age. During high school you could see me almost everyday with my “ghetto blaster” and booklet of CD’s with all kinds of music in it roaming the halls.

I always remember as a young boy gathering around the radio to hear various CKWE 103.9 radio-thons with all kinds of awesome local fiddlers and musicians playing live on the radio and thought “that must be a pretty cool job”. Little did I know there was a bit of foreshadowing there and I would later in life be working here and actually playing the stuff I heard when I was young boy. I came to CKWE with a vast knowledge of all things computers but knew very little about radio but with a willingness to learn.  I hope you really enjoy your CKWE 103.9 experience and keep on rockin’ in a free world! Megwetch!