Michael Buckshot “aka The Bluesman” first started working at CKWE in the spring/summer of 2016. It was something completely new to the Bluesman as his previous work experience consisted of nearly 9 years as a General Labour seasonal worker. But in the following months, he progressed and gained some new work skills as a CKWE support worker/DJ. He enjoyed it and was thrilled to have been given the opportunity.

His hobbies when the Bluesman isn’t rocking it on the airwaves broadcasting sizzling Country music, or Hard and Classic Rock with a touch of Blues. Is, the Bluesman loves to relax at home, game freaking it on his PS4, making digital paintings and drawings in Photoshop CS6, and of course jamming and practicing music either on his guitar(s), keyboard or bass instruments. His other hobbies include watching movies via in the form of DVD, or within the confines of a comfy theater seat with some buttery popcorn and a drink in the city of Hull, QC, or Ottawa, ON.